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Our expert consultants have been selected from different fields of many levels depending on the organization industry. As such we shall be able to know how to effectively identify and deal with your objectives as well as work together with you to achieve what you are looking for. In addition, Almuhtarif Addouli for Business Development & Consultancy works on:
Preparation of strategic, annual and operational plans for the company's subsidiaries
Contribution to development of the departments and individuals in the administrative fields.
Development of the staff's level of performance by perfect training.
Enhancement of work procedures and methodologies.
Preparation of sound methods to reduce costs and increase and diversify administrative resources.

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Almuhtarif Addouli for Business Development

The idea of establishing Almuhtarif Addouli for Business development & consultancy came to birth after a careful study to the local market and investors' need for specialized area to manage companies, establishments and various activities with high proficiency and professionalism. We took upon ourselves to take the hassle off the investors shoulders and seek their comfort by achieving the best economical returns for their projects, through attracting distinguished national administrative and professional staff. This has been one of our top priorities, taking into account furnishing such staff with ideal workplace environment as we believe in the importance of efficiency leveraging. We have also focused our attention on the modern management updates in order to practically apply them in the real world.

Our Business Cycle

Our Business Cycle

  • To be the most trusted and respected professional services company recognized by our clients for delivering excellence.

  • Providing administrative consultations and preparing plans, studies and researches.
    Management and development of companies, establishments and projects.
    Businesses assessments and developments.

  • To serve our clients by providing the highest quality professional services that address their business issues.
    To attract, recruit, and retain the most knowledgeable and passionate professionals, and we provide a collaborative culture that enables them to thrive professionally and personally.
    To strive for excellence and aim to exceed customer’s expectations.

  • Integrity | we do the right thing regardless of the consequences.
    Pursuit of Excellence | we continually strive to exceed the expectations of our people and our clients.
    Accountability | we take responsibility for individual and collective actions.
    Collaboration | we work together to achieve collective and individual goals.
    Passion | our energy and enthusiasm are contagious. We are inspired to make a lasting impact.

    Planning | Starting point to organize resources, potentialities and circumstances to achieve objectives.
    Execution | Our signature for applying and conducting business and projects qualitatively and distinctively.
    Evaluation | Our way to develop and guide business towards the ability to achieve the desired objectives with accordance to pre-stated standards.

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